agosto 25, 2010

Dio * 2nd Japan Aid, Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo * 1987-10-04 [SBD * FLAC]

Escuchar preview de Stand Up and Shout

Dio live 2nd Japan Aid, Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-October-87

TV unknown gen (from tape trade received 5/89 on
TDK D cassette tape>JVC KD-V200 cassette deck
(with Dolby C and Azimuth correction/adjustment)>
Creative soundblaster Audigy SE soundcard
>Audacity>16 bit Wav (Trader's Little Helper-
SBE correction)>FLAC (encoded level 6)

Transferred 8/10
Transfer by Owy
Sound quality- 9.5/10 (see key below)

1. Stand Up and Shout
2. Neon Knights
3. Rainbow in the Dark
4. Stars
5. short interview/comment from RJD

Time: 18.36

Excellent short but sweet set from this charity concert event.
Notable particularly for the inclusion of the 'Hear 'n' Aid'
charity single track 'Stars'. One of the few times I am aware
of that the band played this.
Great sound quality for an unknown gen recording.

Extra info sourced from:
Others playing at event:
Kuni Special Band, Graham Bonnett,
Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner,
Time Machine,
George Duke With All Star Band,
Irene Cara, James Brown,
Toshinobu Kubota, Pink

Sound quality key:
10 = comparable in sound quality to professionally
recorded and officially issued product
9.5 = relatively minor flaws, e.g. hiss, slight lack of clarity etc
9 = more major flaws, e.g. significant tape wear, more major lack
of clarity, etc (the best audience recordings likely to get
this rating)
8.5 = poorer audience recordings, lower gen FM and MD recordings, etc-
highly significant issues (only likely to have if recordings of
major significance etc)
8 = very poor, likely to be multiple issues and problems,
'hard work' listening, likely to be only of major historical
significance and for reference only (!)

Dio live Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-10-87-01-fixed.flac:d41beffcf55c6549a7f660dc81d6996f
Dio live Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-10-87-02-fixed.flac:e7cfc580f9e4726c64e506266f6f5d69
Dio live Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-10-87-03-fixed.flac:3c7396a53c77a0aecc9dab39fa59792d
Dio live Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-10-87-04-fixed.flac:aaa71bb7cf8b1895a65293daad5035bf
Dio live Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo 4-10-87-05-fixed.flac:dc4f43fed7db4026f1a5376a9ad28931

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